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Our Services - Artisan Engineering


Artisan Engineering is a local engineering firm that works to eliminate and prevent corrosion, scaling and biological fouling in facilities infrastructure. We offer testing and treatment services, and we sell specialized corrosion inhibitors and sanitizers.

We take a custom approach to every project, collaborating with you to install and customize a solution for your system. We design and build onsite in conjunction with your head engineer or technician.


If you have a problem with the HVAC system for your facility, give us a call or send us an email. In our initial conversation, we’ll assess your problem and get a feel for the scope, potential treatments we can provide, and costing.

We provide our clients exceptional service, collaborating with you at every step. To begin our analysis, we’ll set up our portable lab at your site and perform up to nine tests for key parameters in your water.

We’ll test the different components of your system to get a full picture of the nature, location and magnitude of the problem. Then we’ll create a comprehensive treatment plan to address it.

Understanding our clients’ needs is the first step to finding the right solution.

We’ll use specialized, industry-leading technology and proprietary chemicals to tackle your corrosion, scale buildup and/or biological fouling.

We’ll also work closely with your staff, including facilities managers, stationary engineers, millwrights, plumbers and other technical staff. Our goal is to ensure our clients are equipped with the knowledge and training they need to monitor and maintain the system independently.

To help you keep your HVAC system clean and maintained, we’ll design and install an industrial control and monitoring system.

This computerized system will monitor your HVAC water composition, providing data and trends in real time. The system is web-based and accessible at any time, so we can keep track of your parameters 24/7, 365.

If any of our measurements goes beyond the set parameters, the computerized monitoring system will send alerts via email and text message.

If something goes wrong in the system, you’ll know within minutes.

After our initial treatment, we’ll keep working with you to ensure your system stays clean.

Other companies may do a rudimentary onsite test for pH, conductivity and alkalinity once a month, but we don’t think that’s good enough.

Artisan Engineering will test for up to nine parameters in your water onsite at your facilities between two and four times per month.

And we’re always here to answer questions and help you troubleshoot.

HVAC Systems Can Degrade Over Time

Many different kinds of facilities have HVAC systems or use water in their processes, and all of these systems need maintenance.Much like a car needs antifreeze to prevent corrosion in its cooling system, a building needs its water systems regularly tested, monitored and serviced to maintain its safety and efficiency.

Because HVAC systems contain water, they inevitably corrode, collect scale buildup, and experience the growth of biological organisms, such as bacteria or algae. To maintain your HVAC system, you need to minimize these problems.

We work with facilities including hospitals, universities, privately owned commercial buildings, and industrial manufacturing companies. Please contact us if you would any further information about our services or if we can assist you in any way.